Local authority employees set for a 2.2% pay rise

December 2nd, 2014 Category: Local Authority & Housing

Those working on behalf of local authorities have received a 2.2 per cent pay increase, according to new findings.

The rise comes after the offer was accepted by three major unions, including Unison, Unite and GMB.

It was reported that the Local Government Association (LGA) put forward the increased pay offer after unions rejected the offer of a one per cent pay increase made in July.

A strike was organised by the unions after the initial offer, during which, one million public sector employees walked out, causing councils including Bristol, Leeds and Leicester to suspend some social care services.

After that, a consultation was held with workers in which a higher offer was agreed following threats of a second wave of strike action.

Commenting on the developments, a LGA spokesman said: “After a protracted dispute, we are pleased that an agreement with the unions has now been reached.

“Our hardworking employees, who have worked wonders while councils have been tackling the biggest cuts in living memory, have been waiting since April for an agreement. Today’s breakthrough is good news for them.”

The pay offer has helped to quell any further strike action, and means that local authority services will now continue to run as normal.

In the UK, local authorities are responsible for a whole range of services, including litter picking, street cleaning, public health facilities, social care, among others.

However, local authorities may be able to minimise the potential disruption created by strikes such as these by enlisting the services of a private firms to carry out some of the duties.

For example, cleaning and maintenance duties can be contracted out, with firms such as Nviro, recognised for their expertise in this area.