Business benefits of a clean environment

November 21st, 2014 Category: Commercial

Having a clean and tidy work environment has a number of obvious benefits. Not only does it reduce the likelihood of anything getting lost or mislaid, it also has many advantages in terms of efficiency. 

If you are constantly looking for important documents, within the context of a cluttered and unsightly office, this will undoubtedly have a negative impact upon the productivity of your organisation.

A number of reports have already surfaced over the last few months, highlighting the benefits of retaining a clean working environment.

So with this in mind, why do so many businesses still forget the basics, with cluttered and unkempt offices?

The truth is, many senior leaders and managers still fail to appreciate the health and productivity advantages that having a clean environment can bring.

We discuss some of the biggest benefits below with a particular focus on how maintaining the appearance of your workspace can significantly help to reduce stress, induce calm and thus, in the long-run, lower stress-related absences.


When you are greeted every morning with piles of paper, stacked up to the ceiling, and you can't even find the basics such as your pen, or notepad, this can only add to stress.

Not only does it create an unpleasant working environment, but it leads to wasted time. And if you have got important meetings or phone calls with clients, this can only be a bad thing.

Therefore, one of the most important ways in which you can avoid all the hassle is to have a huge clear out of your desk and declutter. Put simply: decluttering reduces stress.

Cleaning is cost-effective

Anything you can do to cut back on unnecessary expenses, and thus have more money available for staff members to carry out their jobs effectively, can only be a good thing.

Businesses waste thousands of pounds each year by replacing items that have simply disappeared (only for it to turn up later), and lose out on potential clients, due to missed appointments, meetings and mislaid documents. 

By investing in a regular cleaning schedule and keeping the office tidy, you can dramatically cut the costs of spending unnecessary amounts of money when you do not have to.

The evidence

But is there any evidence to back any of these assertions up? The truth is, there are plenty! For example, a 2004 report entitled 'The Role of the Physical Environment in the 21st Century Hospital' revealed there are more than 600 credible studies which demonstrate the link between the design of a hospital building and patient outcomes.

It revealed that poor design contributes significantly to reduced health and wellbeing, and also hinders staff productivity and their ability to deliver patient care.

The report also highlighted the importance of ensuring a building is surrounded in natural settings, with reduced noise and glare.

In addition, it highlighted the importance of ensuring an environment stays clean, for hygiene reasons.