Clearing out the office

November 1st, 2014 Category: Commercial

Over time, offices will naturally get a little bit untidy and in need of a clear-out every now and again. However, regular maintenance and cleaning will be needed in order to ensure that it does not get out of hand.

Encourage staff members to get involved in the office clean-up and you could even persuade individual employees or departments to take charge of particular tasks and responsibilities.

Of course, you should always hire professional cleaning firms to take charge of the regular cleaning schedule.

In between the scheduled clean ups however, you should definitely ensure that staff are encouraged to keep the work environment in tip-top condition.

Not only is a cleaner workspace more pleasant to operate in, it also facilitates better productivity and hygiene.

Follow our top tips below to help maintain your office.

Filing papers

Papers are the single biggest cause of mess within an office work environment. An easy way to cut down on the amount of papers lying about is to ensure they are filed away correctly.

Review these regularly to prevent mountains of paperwork building up.

Limit the number of desk items

Having too much clutter in your immediate workspace makes it difficult to operate effectively. Therefore, if there is anything that you do not use regularly, you should probably file these away in a separate location.


It is a good idea to either purchase a dishwasher or ensure that any dishes are washed regularly and put away. You could always obligate staff members to file away dry dishes.

Office plants

If you have any plants in the office, any dried leaves or debris should be removed and cleaned. You may want to think about purchasing artificial plants as these will require less maintenance.


Dispose of any old or broken furniture you do not need, and ensure that all chairs, tables, and other furnishings are relegated to their proper place, to prevent the office becoming cluttered with obstacles and excess furniture.

By following all the steps above, you can ensure that the office environment remains a clean and pleasant place to work.