Tips on getting schools involved in charitable ventures

October 31st, 2014 Category: Schools

Over the last few months, the ice bucket challenge craze has swept the nation. This has seen many people pouring buckets of ice-cold water over their heads as part of a bid to raise funds for charity.

However, now that is all over, it does not mean that the charity ventures have to end.

Schools in particular have, over the years, played an important role in raising money for the local community and participating in cultural exchanges with other schools across the world. 

When it comes to fundraising on behalf of your school, it is important to ensure that you encourage your pupils to participate in charitable ventures in a fun and appropriate way.

Therefore, having another rendition of the ice bucket challenge is probably not a great idea for most school pupils, especially with the winter weather closing in.

On the other hand, there are many fantastic ways to get students and staff involved in charitable ventures.

If organised properly, not only can you you play a leading role in helping some of the most vulnerable people in society, you can also boost the reputation of your school by volunteering on community projects as part of a fundraising venture. 

Follow our hints and tips below for some fantastic ways to get involved in charitable projects

Litter picking

What better way to get the local community on board and raise money than by doing something helpful such as picking up litter?

Not only will it make the area a much more pleasant place to live and work in, it is also likely to be very popular among the residents.

In addition, it will do wonders for the reputation of the school and educate students about the importance of supporting the local surroundings.

This initiative could also include things such as identifying areas that are hot spots of fly-tipping and cleaning those up.

Car washes

Washing cars for charity is a wonderful way to raise funds and is a nice, easy activity for students to get involved in.

Perhaps your school could organise car washes for staff members, or local parents or residents, and encourage them to give a couple of quid towards it?

For many drivers, giving a small donation to charity will certainly beat paying for their vehicle to be taken to a more expensive petrol station car wash.

Just ensure that children are accompanied by a responsible adult when cleaning vehicles belonging to those outside of the school.

Clean graffiti

Graffiti is an eyesore that blights many neighborhoods and local areas as well. If there are groups of youngsters that are involved in graffiti, getting students involved in clearing it up will go a long way towards improving the perception of young people in the area. 

This would also be a fantastic opportunity to educate pupils about the potential damage and impact of graffiti in the community.

By getting students involved in charitable volunteering projects in the area, you not only encourage them to take more pride in where they live, but it also ensures that more funds are channelled towards organisations that desperately need it.