New study has unveiled Britain’s best office

October 9th, 2014 Category: Commercial

New research has helped unveil the UK's best offices.

The British Council for Offices has revealed what it believes to be the best designed, innovative and well-maintained offices in the UK.

Among the winners of this new rating system is the Guardian’s UK headquarters, which won the “test of time” award for the offices at Kings Place, London. 

The overall winner however was Number One Riverside in Rochdale, which was named as the “Best of the Best” because it was deemed to facilitate new ways of working.

The building includes a library, civic offices, merged council premises and a café. 
Judges also claimed it promotes a sense of community, engagement and social transparency.

Other office buildings were commended for their open spaces, cosy environment and unusual designs.

The research serves to highlight the importance of office maintenance and architecture, in a commercial setting.

It also demonstrates the way in which workers can be influenced by their exterior surroundings.

This is one of the reasons why investing in a commercial space is important for businesses. Not only can the layout of an office affect the productivity and motivation of staff members, it also has an effect on health and sustainability as well.

In fact, last month a separate report from the World Green Building Council showed that buildings which are constructed with sustainability in mind, and let in a lot of light, are more likely to result in a positive working atmosphere.

It was also found to have a positive impact on a company's bottom line, with less money spent on energy costs, staff sickness and low productivity.

Therefore, it stands to reason that businesses wanting to get the best out of their employees and instill confidence within their clients should invest more money into maintaining, cleaning and designing their offices.