Summer holidays the ideal time for deep cleaning

August 12th, 2014 Category: Schools

Primary schools are a busy place for much of the year. There are always people coming and going during term-time – mainly pupils and teachers, but also parents, governors, caterers and pastoral staff. With so much activity, both in the classroom and beyond, keeping the school premises clean and tidy can be challenging at the best of times.

In order to meet basic standards of hygiene, and ensure the school environment is fit for purpose, it’s vital that the cleaners come in every day. Once the final school bell has rang and the students have departed, it's time to empty the bins, vacuum-clean the carpets, wash down the work surfaces and remove any other mess that appears.

The cleaners have limited time to get the school ready for the next working day, when the whole process begins again. The pupils and teachers arrive, use the premises all day, and create more work for the cleaners. This cycle continues throughout the year.

But over a period of weeks and months, it becomes harder and harder to achieve optimum levels of cleanliness. This is because dirt and grime slowly accumulates over the course of the academic year – sometimes in plain sight, and at other times hidden from view. Whether in the classrooms, staff room, offices, gym, kitchens or toilets, there are certain areas which eventually require a deep clean.

And this is not something that can be done in half an hour at the end of the school day. This is why the summer holidays present a great opportunity to improve levels of hygiene within school buildings. Because no lessons are scheduled for several weeks and there are naturally fewer people in the school buildings, this is the perfect time to tackle the bigger, more time-consuming jobs.

It could be the removal of lime scale, which has built up over the course of the year in the girls' or boys' toilets. It could be grease behind the cookers in the kitchen, or even dust on top of book cabinets in the classrooms or library. The cleaners will not typically take on these jobs every day during the year – the need may only become clear when small amounts of dirt build up over an extended period.  

But they are important tasks nonetheless and cannot afford to be ignored. So when there is an opportunity to conduct a deep clean at quiet periods, it's crucial to complete this to a professional standard.