Communities coming together to clean

May 31st, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

Sometimes the streets of communities can become littered and dirty, given the area an air of neglect. Once loved parks can slowly turn into makeshift landfills, deterring children from playing there like they once used to.

People living in these places can try and enlist their neighbours to help clean the streets.

There are many projects that are always looking for volunteers from the local area to don the marigolds and get stuck in.

Clean Essex Campaign

Councils across Essex have joined forces with three fast food retailers to launch the region’s first ever Clean Essex Campaign, according to the Echo.

All 14 Essex councils, McDonald’s, KFC and Dominos have come together in order to raise awareness about litter and the consequences attached if caught throwing rubbish anywhere other the bin.

The Echo notes that In addition to the anti-litter messages the retailers will be promoting, the councils will be arranging clean-up based activities for the community to get involved with.

Recetnly, in Rochford, a flash mob of volunteers brought the High Street to a complete standstill as the horde of cleaners showed passersby the importance of putting their litter in the bin.

Keith Gordon, district councillor responsible for the environment, told the newspaper: “The flash mob was such a good idea because it really brought to life the importance of putting your litter in the bin.

“These Clean Crusaders are extremely talented people, who have found a fun way to get across the key messages behind the Clean Essex Campaign. We are also having a series of Environmental Action Days where we are asking for volunteers to help us clean up their neighbourhoods, because we all want our district to be litter-free.”

Mr Gordon said keeping the streets clean is important as the cost to remove the litter works out at around £17 million in Essex alone. He believes this money could be spent more effectively elsewhere.

The campaign will see Environmental Action Days in Hullbridge on June 11th and Great Wakering on June 12th.

Fareham needs volunteers

Fareham Borough Council is looking for volunteers to get involved with a big community clean-up, reports the Southern Daily Echo.

The local government needs people to join in with litter picking events as part of The Big Clean Up, running until June 8th.

It’s easy to get involved as people can organise their own groups or take part in the scheduled sessions happening during the week.

The next event starts at Fareham North West Community Centre on June 4th from 09:00 to 11:30 BST.

Can you spare a couple of hours to get your community cleaner?

Whitby residents clean up

A group of adults and children from Whitby got involved in a community clean-up May 27th to try and give their local area a much needed facelift, reports the Whitby Gazette.

The volunteers cleared 30 bags of rubbish from the Eastside Community Centre’s surrounding areas.

Geoff Wilson of Gateway told the newspaper: “I’m delighted to see so many children getting involved with this litter pick, it shows they care about the area and want to see a better environment to play in”.