What’s lurking behind your fridge?

May 30th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t always a priority for busy householders, who often have to juggle family commitments with hectic work lives. However, the results of a new survey may have some people running for the dustpan and brush.

According to research from, there are some weird, wonderful and grim things lurking underneath kitchen appliances in UK homes. 

These finds include pleasant surprises like lost family heirlooms and a winning lottery ticket, and not so nice discoveries like deceased pets.

The survey revealed that unthinking Brits have dropped a fair amount of money, clothes and jewellery behind our fridges, washing machines and cookers. 

Mark Hall, a spokesperson for the firm, said: “We appear to be a nation of clumsy people, and not only that we're lazy as well, with many people admitting they've never once cleaned behind the fridge. According to our staff, the lottery ticket was a couple of years old, and would have scooped its owner fifty pounds. While the wedding ring was reunited with its elderly owner who had looked everywhere for it and assumed it was lost forever."

“We’re just as guilty as anybody else. I found a tin of something with the school tombola raffle ticket still attached. And I haven’t been to a school fête in over a decade.”
One of the cleaners surveyed found a dead hamster hidden behind an appliance, discovered six months after a new family had moved into the house. According to the firm, the pet had been missing for years.

Another found a wallet bursting with cash behind a counter, which belonged to a plumber who’d last it nine months prior. Other valuables discovered included a wedding ring and expired, but winning, lottery ticket.

Mr Hall concluded that we are a house proud nation that neglects to check behind the fridge. He added: “And if there's one item that unites us as a nation, it's the lost piece of spiral pasta.”