Fancy a game of snakes and ‘loo’ders’?

May 30th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

The residents of a town in Spain are afraid to sit on their porcelain thrones after one woman unknowingly sat down and left her bottom vulnerable to the fangs of a snake, according to the Local.

Iris Castroverde was going about her business when the brightly coloured reptile slithered out of the toilet bowl and bit her bottom. Her neighbours said: "It's been the talk of the town for days. The whole suburb's gone psychotic because of this creature."

According to the Local, the hairdresser said the incident happened at around 23:00 local time when she heard a strange muffled noise coming from beneath her. This was quickly followed my the sound of wild splashing and then she felt the creature sinking its fangs into her bottom.

After automatically leaping up, she was shocked to see a yellow and green snake, around eight inches long, escape down the U-bend. Dazed and confused, she made her way to the nearest hospital seeking treatment.

Ms Castroverde explained to Spain’s ABC newspaper: "It happened to me, but it could have happened to my two children." 

In the meantime, her neighbours are worried that the reptile could find its way into their toilets so they have been throwing excessive amount of bleach down the drain to deter the snake from paying a visit. 

A terrified neighbour told the newspaper that she is now using a urinal, adding: "I prefer to pee standing up."

The police have searched the building but have so far been unable to locate the reptilian offender. They think that if it is still alive then it has moved on to greener pastures.

Snakes appear to find their way into the plumbing more often than you’d think. Employees at the Slieve Rossa pub in County Cavan, Ireland, noticed that the water had ceased draining from the washing machine behind the bar. 

Assuming there was a blockage in the pipes, staff pulled the appliance out only to discover a snake was the problem. However, in this instance the exotic creature was dead and the only harm it caused was shock.