Meet the cleaning octopus

May 29th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

The world of robotic cleaning machines could be about to get a lot stranger if an octopus-inspired device wins a competition hosted by Electrolux, according to the Mail Online.

Tody, a robot with four arms, could leave every inch of your home tidy and fresh if his creator wins the prestigious Electrolux Design Challenge. The device will even be able to climb the curtains while simultaneously cleaning them.

The device’s ‘limbs’ each contain 22 steam and 29 vacuum nozzles, which means it packs a punch when it comes to keeping the average home free of dirt and grime. The main body of the gadget houses water reservoirs and a dust bag.

What makes Tody stand out from the crowd? Well, unlike the robotic cleaners currently available on the market, this imitation octopus isn’t limited to just the floor as it can crawl everywhere. 

The design has been submitted by Rana Alper, a 21 year-old designer from Turkey, and has already been shortlisted for the acclaimed Electrolux Design Challenge.

Ms Alper explained: “Tody is a floor and fabric cleaner. Through four arms it can climb, move and hang in every high area such as seats, curtains and windows. In each arm has 22 steam nozzle , 29 vacuum nozzle and thousand of small extensions which help move. Vacuum and steam nozzles connect to the water tank and dust bag through channels.”

The theme for this year’s challenge is ‘Creating Healthy Homes with three focus areas, Culinary Enjoyment, Fabric Care and Air Purification.’ Of the 1,700 original entries, 100 have been selected to go on to the next stage of the competition, and Ms Alper is one of the lucky few.  

In the end, one fortunate winner will walk away with a prize of €5,000 and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre. 

Lars Erikson, head of Group Design at the firm, said: “We received some really innovative, visually inspiring concepts based on this year’s theme.They range from appliances to smart accessories to holistic concepts, and support consumers in living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.”