Britain’s grubbiest habits revealed

May 21st, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

What is your ‘dirty secret’? Do you wait a week in between showers? Or perhaps you let the dog lick the dishes clean? Well, according to new research you may not be alone in your bad habits.

The survey – from Method, an eco-cleaning brand – reveals that four out of five Brits admit that their homes are messy, with some reaching for a tea towel, sock or hairdryer to do the dusting instead of a cloth.

According the the Mail Online, besides admitting that they were far from being house proud, 70 per cent said they would also be happy to eat food that has fallen to the floor. A further 45 per cent confessed to having terrible washing-up habits, with one in ten failing to wash a plate before using it again.

Of the 2,000 Brits interviewed, 46 per cent admitted to only cleaning their windows when they could no longer see out of them! In addition, 60 per cent revealed they didn’t change their bedsheets weekly, with one respondent confessing to buying a new set to avoid washing the dirty ones.

The Mail Online reported that women had better habits in the department, as 40 per cent changed them once a week, compared to the 20 per cent of men that only did it once a month.

In fact, separate research from cleaning products firm Karcher Window Vac, suggests women end up cleaning once their partner has already made an attempt. The study found that six in ten of the participants would actually prefer it if their husbands didn’t bother at all. 

A spokesperson from Method told the online publication: “The road to discovering the country's dirty little secrets has been both fascinating as well as a tad shocking at times, but we are happy to say that it's not all bad news. Our research shows that nearly a third of the nation admit to having a spotless home and are self-confessed clean freaks. 

"So for the rest of us there is still hope. As a nation, our cleaning habits have changed quite dramatically in recent years. Instead of doing a big clean once a week, we do little bits throughout the week and fit it in when we have time.”