Ditch the cleaning chemicals and go au naturale

May 20th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t everybody’s pastime and the task can sometimes be made even worse when you start inhaling and choking on the chemicals you need to use in order to get your house in tip top condition. But, do you actually need to use them?

You will probably have cleaning arsenal hidden away under the sink or in your kitchen cupboards, but did you know these household items could help clean your home from top to bottom.


Well all know a slice of lemon can add flavour to a cold drink and the juice can add a zesty taste to a cooked meal. But, this humble fruit can easily become one of your most used tools to clean certain areas of the house.

As lemons contain high levels of citric acid, have a low PH and are equipped with antibacterial properties they can leave things hygienically clean and smelling fresh. 

The fruit combined with salt can clean brass and copper, mixed with white vinegar it can bring dishes up to a shine and on its own it can simultaneously dissolve stains and kill germs from a chopping board.

White vinegar

You may have bought a bottle of white vinegar for a recipe and it has since been abandoned in the kitchen cupboard. But this miracle liquid should make a regular appearance in your cleaning routine.

As the fluid is acidic, it has the ability to kill most types of mould, bacteria and germs – and the smell is preferable to some of the harsh chemicals designed to do the same job.

If your mugs are stained with tea and coffee try cleaning them with a mixture of white vinegar and salt to get them looking as good as new again. It can even remove nasty odours from the air, simply leave a bowl of the liquid in a room overnight and when you wake up in the morning the bad smell will have disappeared.