Residents held hostage to rogue robot toilet

May 19th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Residents of Woking, Surrey, are being held hostage to a rogue robot toilet that exposed, soaked and assaulted one unsuspecting user.

So far, more than 400 people living in the area have signed a petition asking the council to remove the villainous automatic toilet situated in the town centre.

Users of the high-tech loo claim it has erratic cleaning patterns that can cause the door to spring open without warning while still occupied. Its list of offences doesn’t end there, as it has been known to start its cleaning cycle while somebody is still inside, causing them to be drenched.

One woman claims while sitting on the toilet a robotic arm appeared out of nowhere and knocked her off the seat before soaking her through as the cleaning cycle kicked in prematurely.

Other users of the offending bathroom say the door opened unexpectedly, exposing them to passers-by.

To make matters worse, the toilet is situated in a high-traffic area, near a football pitch, yacht club and a junior cycling club, which means there is likely to be an unwilling audience when the bathroom opens suddenly.

Irene Watson, chairwoman of the local community association, says the facility was installed after a lengthy campaign for a public bathroom in that area.

She added: "It has an unpredictable cleaning system. People are frightened of it going into a wash cycle and them not being able to get out. Also, the risk of the door opening unexpectedly while it is in use – and the toilet's unisex nature and conspicuous position – puts people off visiting it."

The council has plans to remove the rogue robot, but not because of its erratic behaviour, instead it is being taken away due to under-use and vandalism. However, residents of the area don’t simply want the bathroom demolished, they want a working machine built in its place.