What’s your biggest office bugbear?

May 14th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Around 25 per cent of the UK’s workforce are classed as office workers, so it’s unsurprising people develop bugbears about their working environment and colleagues. And it seems there is a long list of office gripes, according to a new survey.

Whether it’s the pungent aroma of a fellow employee’s lunch or someone stealing a favourite mug, the research is full of vexations that seem to get workers a little hot under the collar. And there’s probably a lot more listed than you would think!

Some colleagues can turn into best friends or lovers, but sometimes little things can transform them into worst enemies. Participants identified bad body odour, talking too loudly on the phone, gossiping too much and moaning about personal lives are some of their biggest annoyances.

Other crimes that go against office etiquette included pen stealing, reading emails over people’s shoulders, not refilling the stapler and leaving a sweet tin full of empty wrappers.

The results of the survey suggest resentment can be rife in some offices, as many as five in nine complained about colleagues bragging when it came to their children, yammering about diets, leaving the toilet seat up, not refilling the loo roll and commanding other people to do something.

And that’s not all, as workers who always left at 5pm precisely were the centre of much bitterness. Customers who called at 16:59GMT were cited as an annoyance, as were those who showed up late for meetings.

There were some serious issues mentioned in the survey, with office workers being unhappy with the lack of pay rises, low wages, heavy workloads and no appreciation from the boss being named as major upsets.

The survey was undertaken by The Brooke, a charity concerned with international animal welfare, to mark World Donkey Week. A spokesperson for the organisation said: “We can all relate to the grumbles in this list. Being copied in to emails that don’t concern you or having your computer crash when you’re finishing some important work can be the peak of frustration for UK workers.

“Our research brings home the fact that no matter how annoying our work life can be, it doesn’t compare with the hardship suffered by working animals around the world today.”