Cleaning technology to keep you ‘appy’

May 6th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Cleaning is probably not on the top of the to-do-list for many people living busy lives, but at some point it has to be done – that is unless you want to live like an eternal student. Modern technology can help you to keep on top of the chores that need to be done, before it gets on top of you.

Whether it’s letting your friends know what you’ve had for lunch or to keep track of how many calories you’ve consumed and burned, apps have become part of our daily lives. And now, they can help you keep your home tidy.

They won’t turn your phone or tablet into cleaning robots, but they’ll let you keep on top of the daily cleaning so something small doesn’t turn into a job that requires a whole day of scrubbing.

Here are two examples of the apps currently available.


Tody, available for £1.99, allows the user to schedule recurring chores so they know when such tasks next need to be done.

To use the app, first select which rooms will be monitored – the living room, kitchen, bathroom etc – and then choose from a list of common cleaning tasks, such as sweep floor or clean sink. 

The user can then choose how often these jobs need to be done and whether the current condition is ‘clean’, ‘between’, ‘due’ or ‘overdue’. The tasks will then appear in the selected area with a coloured bar and due date.

You can then check off jobs as you’ve done them or reschedule them, meaning that you will remember when the bins need to go out or when the last time you emptied the cat litter tray was.


Chorma is another example of a useful cleaning app, and this one is completely free. It is also perfect for anybody living in shared accommodation, such as students or young professionals, as it allows scheduled tasks to be assigned to other people.

Chores are separated into the user’s tasks (My Chores) and the household’s (All Chores). The app awards points for completing cleaning tasks and even suggests how to spend them, for example splitting a takeaway bill based on points earned to reward people for their efforts.