Household chores take up ten years of our lives!

May 1st, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

When you reach retirement and are looking back fondly over the years, will you affectionately recall the times when you cleaned the house? Probably not, but it’s likely that you spent a decade tidying your home, according to new research.

A survey has revealed that, on average, us Brits spend ten years of our lives completing mundane tasks like mopping floors, washing and ironing clothes, as well as making sure pets and children are clean.

The study – involving 2,000 people – was conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Molly Maid, and it discovered that the average Briton spends over 26 hours per week carrying out household chores. That’s more than a full day! And, the average or those in the cleaning profession would be significantly higher.

What do you dread having to clean? The toilet, or perhaps the oven? Over 45 per cent of the respondents said they despised cleaning the bathroom, compared to 21 per cent who hated doing the kitchen. Both rooms are the ones that need to have regular deep-cleans to avoid the build-up of harmful bacteria and germs, so it’s unsurprising that people don’t look forward to tidying them.

There was some good news among the results of the survey, as the findings revealed the cleaning gender gap is rapidly closing, as more men than ever are helping out around the house. On average, women do 8.14 of cleaning alone every week, compared to 7.21 hours for men.

It seems that traditional gender roles and changing and becoming more fluid. Different research from thinkmoney discovered that almost half of Brits pay for a helping hand around the house. Could this be because women no longer feel obliged to provide a domestic paradise for their husbands and partners?

You will be pleased to know that the survey’s respondents said they spend more time on fun activities (30 hours a week) than they do on cleaning, however, some may class tidying up as enjoyable rather than mundane.

In response to the results, Pam Bader, chief executive of Molly Maid, commented: "As a nation, now is the time we traditionally refresh our homes with a spring clean. Hiring in outside help to get on top of the housework could be the perfect solution for many families who would rather make the most of their spare time outside of work, and still make sure their homes are in tip top condition."