Roll on the introduction of the texting toilet

April 30th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

There is nothing worse that using a public toilet, reaching for the loo roll and suddenly realising that the holder is empty. 

After the initial panic you search your pockets and bag for a pack of tissues or frantically ask your neighbour if they can help. However, soon you might never feel that sense of alarm again.

Intelligent public bathrooms with the ability to send a text message when they’re running low on toilet paper will be rolled out across the UK soon, according to the European Cleaning Journal (ECJ).

If that wasn’t enough, these clever loos will be able to clean themselves! Some have already been earmarked for towns in south Norfolk, which will be good news for residents. Currently, local councillors are deciding whether to install the high-tech bathrooms, as they are searching for ways to improve cleanliness and reduce maintenance.  

As if by magic, a cleaning detergent is pass through the stall as soon as the washroom is used, meaning it is hygienically cleaned and ready for its next visitor. The bathrooms have been designed with a slightly sloping floor to allow the water to drain away.

According to the ECJ, these toilets of the future don’t leave replacing the toilet tissue to chance as they are able to keep track of how much is left and if levels become dangerously low, they are able to send an SMS message to a staff member so they know the roll needs changing.

To keep the system running with minimal hiccups, the government intends to develop an electronic toilet map and create an automated guidance system. The days of struggling to find the nearest public bathroom could soon be over, as people will be able to send a text and receive instructions to find the closest loo.

This kind of system could be installed in places where toilet hygiene is especially important, such as schools and hospitals, as they could help stop bacteria from spreading between pupils and patients.