Britain has a big dry cleaning bill

April 30th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

How many times this week have you spilled something on yourself? How often does your child walk in after school covered in all sorts of stains? You’re not alone, as a whole Brits ruin £2.7 billion worth of clothes every year, according to a survey from Lenor.

There is nothing like the feeling of utter heartache when you realise you’re going to have to throw away your favourite shirt or pair of jeans because the red wine or oil stain won’t come out. Blemishes from food or drink spills and tears can bring a meaningful relationship with a sweater to an end.

Even the washing machine can ruin our clothes, cleaning them too much, too little or on the wrong setting can cause your favourite dress to shrink so much that only a Borrower could feasibly fit into it anymore.

The survey revealed that nine out of ten adults ruin and subsequently bin around four items every year, worth an average of £62.68 overall. This figure would obviously increase for designer clothes, expensive school uniforms and work attire.

When added all together, Britons are throwing away clothes that come to a combined total of £2.7 billion every year.

Half of those questioned admitted to being so terrified of ruining certain items of clothing that they avoid wearing them or never wear them at all, which defeats the object of buying clothes!

In response to the results, a spokesman for Lenor said: “It’s inevitable that a few items of clothing are going to get ruined or damaged here and there, but when you add it all up, it really is quite staggering. And it’s not just the financial cost of wrecked clothes which is the problem.

”Ruining any item of clothing is a pain, but when it’s your favourite item, or something which has sentimental value or was expensive to buy, it can be heart-breaking. Clothes are meant to be worn and no-one likes to leave their favourite items hiding in the wardrobe, even if there is a risk it might not look like new afterwards.”