Spring clean cupboards, Brits told

April 29th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

People have been urged to spring clean their kitchen cupboards and medicine cabinets in the wake of recent research. 

A Healthspan study has shown that 13 of the 57 things that are held in an average kitchen cabinet are thought to possibly be out of date. 

It was also found that a fifth of households only clear cupboards out properly each five months. 

And a tenth claimed never to have cleaned out the medicine cabinet, while over a fifth had only given it a single check during the past half-decade. 

Healthspan head of nutrition, Robert Hobson, has advised people that: “Planning meals and only buying what you need could help with minimising wastage and prevent food drifting past their best before dates."

He said that if people stop purchasing food just in case they need it less would be wasted. 

“It’s time to stop buying things on a whim and give our medicine cabinets and kitchen cupboards a good old spring clean," he added. 

A run-down of the things are are past their best in the nation's food cupboards put condiments at number one, followed by tinned food at two and dressings and dips at three. 

Spices and herbs were in fourth position, with vegetables completing the top five. The rest of the top ten saw appearances from stock cubes, frozen food, pickle, fruit and eggs. 

If you're getting rid of old items from a cupboard or cabinet, it's worth giving the inside and outside a clean, too. 

Use a soft cloth and appropriate cleaning fluid – soap and water is usually a good option but do check what the best approach is for your particular cabinet or cupboard – to make sure everything is spick and span. Then replace the items inside so that those you use most often are the most accessible. 

You may also want to place things that are approaching the end of their time in-date towards the front, so you're more likely to spot and use them before they become out of date.