Meet the man who loves to clean

April 24th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

When trying to find your perfect partner, what do you look for? Good sense of humour, easy on the eyes and intelligent? Would a passion to clean be at the top of your list? If so, prepare to be very jealous of Luci Elliott-Matthews.

According to the Mail Online, her husband, Andy, loves nothing more than a tidy up. The sound of a whirring washer is music to his ears and cleaning the dinner plates brings him more joy than eating the food did. 

Ms Elliott-Matthews says her husband has always had a passion for cleaning. She told the newspaper: “Cleaning is always top priority with Andy; whether he's just got up or it's last thing at night.

“He is obsessed with laundry, he puts a wash on at least once a day – clothes don't even have time to touch the sides of the washing basket. There's no time for cuddles in bed in the morning because he'll be sorting the whites from the coloureds. Sometimes he'll literally be trying to get the clothes off my back to put in the machine.”

And Mr Elliott-Matthews isn’t alone. The cliches about men being too lazy to pick up their socks or to rinse away the beard hairs from the sink may not be accurate descriptions of the modern man. 
And with women increasingly becoming the breadwinner for the family, husbands and partners are having to do their share of the chores.

However, there are some men still out there who do a lacklustre job when they’re cleaning around the house. A recent study from Karcher Window Vac reveals that some women have to clean up again after their significant others attempt it.

Of those surveyed, only 35 per cent thought their partners or spouses did the job properly when asked to do a chore. One in ten women believed it was a ploy so he wouldn’t be asked to do it again!

Which of the extremes would you prefer? A partner that is constantly vacuuming around you or one that is reluctant to lift a finger?