Four teachers you find in every school

April 24th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

Whenever you find yourself reminiscing about your old school days with friends or colleagues the same types of teaching characters pop up. No matter what kind of educational establishment you went to in your early teens, this is likely to happen.

Whether they were scary, friendly, flakey, strict or cool, they made an impression on you and gave you stories to share.

The scary one

This teacher’s voice could be heard in classrooms that were hallways apart, even when they were speaking quietly. You never wanted to be at the centre of this person’s attention, as that usually meant you were in trouble.

If they stopped talking in mid-sentence that usually meant somebody was about to be shouted at so intensely that their face felt like it might blow off. 

Although you were frightened of this teacher, you listened and learned as you didn’t want to open your homework to find a big red “see me” scrawled at the bottom of the page.

The eager one 

Whether they were newly qualified, a student teacher or a substitute there was always one that was extremely eager to instill their knowledge inside your mind.

You always thought you were too old for their teaching practices, whether that be stamps in your exercise books or a good behaviour chart. This teacher would often find themselves trying to talk over an unruly classroom and would be subject to many schoolboy pranks.

The friendly one 

There was always one who wanted to be your friend and thought they were down with the kids. They tried to be as laid back as possible, without giving you indirect permission to do nothing and cause havoc.

This teacher would join conversations about sports, mention bands he or she thought you might like and would let you watch the football when the World Cup was on.

The mysterious one  

This teacher was shrouded in mystery as they were often absent from school and you never really knew why. 

You and your schoolmates would invent stories as to why they weren’t in class, perhaps an exotic illness or a second life as a secret agent.

Whatever the reason, you were always surprised to find them sat at their desk at the beginning of the lesson.