Something to put Indiana Jones off cleaning

April 12th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t everybody’s favourite thing to do, but the task becomes even more off putting when nasty surprises pop up. Some shocks are worse than others, something the staff at a pub in Ireland would attest too.

Employees at the Slieve Rossa pub in County Cavan, noticed that the water had stopped draining from the washing machine behind the bar. They decided that the pipes were probably blocked and needed a good clean to get the water moving again.

They did indeed find a blockage –  a snake!

Michael Mooney, owner of the business, was shocked to say the least. He told the “We found what looked like snake skin, and when we pulled more of it came out. It was about two feet long.”

Based on its size, Mr Mooney believed the reptile was a grass snake that could have escaped from its owner or could have been set free outside the building.  

It is believed that the exotic animal found its way into the plumbing system after being attracted to the heat of the water in the pipes. 

The snake was dead when it was discovered, but I doubt that will make those afraid of slithering creatures sleep any better. The discovery does nothing to dispel the urban myths about the reptile appearing in toilet bowls, waiting for its victim!

According to the, Mr Mooney rang the Irish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA), who informed him that his surprise guest had probably drowned in the hot water – which would have been at boiling temperature in the pipe.

Patrons of the pub didn’t believe the owner when he regaled them with the tale of the snake in the pipes. He said: “They've been making comments about there being two legged snakes behind the bar now.”

There could be something in the water in Ireland, as another shocked resident found a giant rat – believed to be 24 inches long – in their ceiling.