Whatever you do, don’t look down!

April 8th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Do you get butterflies in your stomach as your plane takes off? How about when you’re up on a ladder and you can feel it wobble underneath your weight? Do you think you could handle cleaning the windows of a 550ft high building?

According to The Daily Mail, rock climbers David Smith and Anthony Marshall did just that. The pair took spring cleaning to the extreme when they scaled Manchester’s tallest building in order to wash the windows. 

Beetham Tower is home to the prestigious Hilton Hotel, 219 luxury apartments and 19 penthouses – all spread across 47 floors. Half way up there’s a bar – called Cloud 23 – that allows patrons to take in the views of the city. Imagine their surprise when two men appeared with sponges in hand.

The Daily Mail reports that the task took two days to complete and the duo had to undertake an abseiling course before they were let loose on the building. 

If the owners of the tower had struggled to find people crazy enough to want to dangle from a rope 550ft in the air, then they could have turned to technology to get clean and shiny windows.

There are some robotic gadgets that have been specifically designed to tackle dirty glass. Back in January, it was revealed that developers had created a robot that mimicked the movements of a gecko in order to scale and clean skyscrapers. 

The gadget combines a sticky silicone compound with a chemical energy – the Van de Waals force – that the creature uses in nature so it can climb walls. According to the creators, the adhesive leaves no residue behind, making it perfect for cleaning windows.

If you don’t own or live in a skyscraper, then you may want to explore other robotic avenues. 

The Winbot has been developed to clean domestic windows and once it’s placed on the glass it’s off. The clever machine can work out how big the area is and is equipped with the tools it needs to do the job properly.