Stay indoors and clean the house!

April 2nd, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Today a smog has descended across the country – made from a mix of Sahara desert sand and local pollution – causing the government to issue health warnings, advising some people to stay indoors. 

If you find yourself at home, deterred from leaving because you can’t see anything but a thick, dark fog, why not use the time to crack on with the spring cleaning.

When was the last time you pulled the sofa out and vacuumed behind it? Can you remember when you last cleaned and sanitised the fridge? Marigolds on, ready, get set and clean!

The cleaning cupboard

For many of us, the cupboard under the sink is where we keep all of our cleaning supplies. It’s also where almost empty bottles of sprays, spontaneous cleaning buys and odd rubber gloves stay when they have been forgotten.

Have you ever cleaned this graveyard of supplies? Probably not.

Pull everything out and give the base, sides and door (inside and out) a good wipe. This may require some elbow grease if you encounter any stains that have been left to their own devices for years.

Throw out anything that’s a dribble away from being empty – obviously recycling where possible – and get rid of products that you have no intentions of using.

Under the sofa

Rubbish always seems to find its way under the sofa. You often discover this when the remote control has been dropped and you need to root around under the settee, bypassing abandoned toys, dust bunnies and escapee food.

Luckily, it is an easy fix. Just pull the furniture out sweep up as much of the debris as possible and then enlist the help of vacuum to get rid of the remaining offending trash. If you have hard floors run a mop over the area and if you have carpet you may want to shampoo it to get it looking as good as new.

Inside the fridge

Are you confronted with strange smell every time you open the fridge door? Or do you buy fresh food and then forget about it?

The fridge can be home to lettuces so old they have been reduced to liquid and yoghurts that are so out of date they have created entire societies of mould.

Simply sort through the contents, getting rid of anything with a long gone use-by date, and remove and clean all the shelves and trays.