Many women admit to cleaning after their husbands have ‘tidied up’

March 31st, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

Do you remember the Fairy washing-up liquid advert where the husband teaches his baby son if he washes up badly he won’t ever be asked again? Well, it appears men are still trying to get out of cleaning by doing a rubbish job.

According to new research from cleaning products firm Karcher Window Vac, two thirds of women have to clean up after their husbands have already tidied. In fact, six in ten would prefer it if their partner wouldn’t bother to ‘help’ around the house because they do a poor job.

Only 35 per cent of those interviewed believed their significant other cleaned the house thoroughly when asked to undertake a domestic chore.

And, just like the advert, four in ten women believed their partner did a rubbish job so they wouldn’t be asked to do it again!

The research uncovered some avoidance tactics used by men to make a half-hearted attempt at tidying up. Moving things out of sight or rearranging the the mess proved to be a common technique, as did cramming the cupboards to put things away.

Men also try other shortcuts to avoid doing the job properly, such as pushing rubbish down in a bin to get out of emptying it and leaving big smears when cleaning mirrors. They also admitted to throwing colours in with the whites when washing clothes.

Other tricks included squirting bleach in the loo instead of scrubbing it, putting all rubbish into the black bin instead of recycling and picking big bits of rubbish off the floor rather than hoovering.

A fifth of women confessed that they were grateful for the effort, but wished their other half wouldn’t bother cleaning. One in ten women admitted that they needed to do the job again after their partner had attempted it.

The survey revealed that Scotland is home to UK’s most house proud people, with a third of housewives happily declaring that they clean on a daily basis.

Around 45 per cent believe that clean windows are key to a house looking great. However, one in ten Brits admit that they never clean their windows.