4 people you find in every office

March 31st, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Anybody that has any experience of working in an office will attest to the predictability of the colleagues you will find yourself surrounded by.

You will need to learn how to communicate, or avoid, some of these work mates or find yourself trapped in awkward situations for the entirety of your career.

The one with the messy desk

This person may not be alone in the ‘messy desk’ club, but they will be the leader of the gang.

Their desk will be overflowing with remnants of last week’s lunch (at least you hope it was last week, and not last month), scraps of paper, empty mugs with whole kingdoms of mould settled in the bottom and much much more.

If you are unfortunate enough to be assigned a desk next to this person, be prepared to make the boundaries of your work station clear or you will be inviting their mountain of rubbish to slowly engulf your workspace.

The one who loves their job

This person either wants a promotion desperately or they actually love their job.

When you first start working in the office they’ll be the first to introduce themselves, starting off by telling you how many years they have been here and finishing by saying how much they love the job and how sure they are that soon you will feel the same.

They always interact in meetings, are always the first to speak in group activities and they will enthuse over team-building activities.

The one who likes to be left alone

This one will have offered only a grunt or nod when you introduced yourself to them.

They will sit at a desk furthest away from the rest of the office and their headphones will always be on. You may feel a sense of fear and awe when you need to interact with them, as they are a lone ranger and do not need the comfort of others to exist.

You secretly want to be their friend, but know deep down inside that they do not need you.

The one who likes to talk in the bathroom

For most people, toilet time is quiet time. A few moments where you can reflect on the day so far, or try and get to the next level of Candy Crush. The bathroom talker is a different kind of animal.

They do not respect the bathroom etiquette and will strike up a conversation at the urinals or try and speak through the cubicle walls.

This individual will not be satiated with a succinct response, nor will they be put off by your stoicism.