Graffiti art vandalised in Bolton

March 27th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

Some of the time, graffiti is something that people simply want to get rid of – an unwanted mess. But there's also graffiti out there which is created by artists and can improve an environment. 

In a clash of artistic graffiti and vandalism, a mural by Tony Brady (otherwise known as Tony kELzO) in Bolton recently got defaced by paint, reports The Bolton News. 

Hair salon The Cutting Room has seen business go up considerably since graffiti artist Mr Brady added an image to one of its exterior walls, according to owner Alex Derbyshire. 

The graffiti picture shows a woman holding a tattooing needle. 

However some time after the piece was completed, it was defaced with white paint by vandals. 

Now though, Mr Brady has completed restoration work on his street art – adding protective paint to make sure any future attacks will be followed by simple clean-up. 

"I have been here for two years but business has picked up since [the art] has been here as people stop and pop in to ask about it," Ms Derbyshire told the news provider. 

"Tony is so passionate about it and wanted to do this to brighten up the streets. I can’t understand why anybody would be stupid enough to ruin it like this."

No arrests have yet been made following the hair salon owner's complaint to police after the artwork was vandalised. 

Mr Brady himself has told the news source that, since Ms Derbyshire was greatly upset by the defacing and the last thing he wanted to see was some of his work defaced, he didn't need to think twice before deciding to repair it. 

One of the world's most famous graffiti painters has to be Banksy, who is among the UK's most mysterious artists. 

Though it can be used for attractive art, graffiti removal is something that can be required in certain areas that attract unwanted markings – such as schools – some contract cleaners can offer specialist graffiti-busting services.