Make your spring cleaning charitable

March 24th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Spring is finally upon us – well so the experts say – the skies are brighter and the air is slightly warmer. If the increased temperature inspires you to take out your cleaning arsenal and don your marigolds you may want to consider adding a touch of charity to your efforts.

The “no make-up selfie” craze that has flooded social media in the name of raising money and awareness for Cancer Research UK and has inspired many to part with a few pounds. However, washing your face isn’t the only cleaning you can do to raise money for a well-deserving charity.

Charity carwash

Washing cars for charity is a great way to raise money, especially as everybody at some point will need to wash the grime of their vehicle, so why not give a couple of quid to charity rather than the petrol station?

According to the, staff from the 11 fire stations in the county will wash the public’s cars this month.

Employees have organised the event for the Firefighters Charity, which is the only national charity that looks after sick or injured firefighters and their families. It needs more than £8 million per annum to provide the recuperation and rehabilitation the people it helps require.

The event takes place twice a year – in March and September – and raises over £100,000 for the charity.

Could your work organise something similar? Pick a charity, arrange a date and prepare to get covered in water and soap!

Spruce up a charity

Many charities use the donations they receive to provide crucial care and support to children, animals that need to be taken care of and funding research into diseases. They often don’t have enough left over to take care of the maintenance work their premises desperately need.

Instead of giving money, you could give up your time. You could offer to clean up a charity shop, help take care of cats or dogs at an animal shelter or give the premises a lick of paint.

John Wareing, centre manager at the Preston branch of the RSPCA, has told the Lancashire Evening Post that the animal rescue centre is in “desperate need of some TLC”.

He said: “The building is very old and as we have no money, other than what we struggle to find for the animal’s care, then sadly the repair and maintenance of the building suffers. 

“The whole building needs cleaning, repairing and painting.”

Mr Wareing is hoping some benevolent local businesses or individuals will either donate time or money to help clean up and repair the building. 

Are there any charities in your local area that could do with a helping hand? If so, see if you can find some volunteers to help you clean up.

Sponsored cleaning

Are there any places in your local area that are regular victims of fly-tipping? Or is there a public park that could do with being spruced up?

People could sponsor you or a group of people, to clean up areas like this. It could be an enjoyable experience if there are a few of you in aprons and marigolds!

You could raise money for a charity that desperately needs people to know about it and needs donations.