Edinburgh phone boxes could soon offer shoe cleaning

March 24th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Scruffy shoes – not only do they look unsightly on your feet, but they can make your house less pristine by leaving you with a messy looking item in your wardrobe or hallway. 

But there are moves afoot in Edinburgh that could help people avoid the issue of having un-shined shoes – while also helping some good causes. 

According to Edinburgh Evening News, shoe-shining booths have been proposed for red telephone boxes on the city's famous Royal Mile. 

The council has a deadline of May 12th to decide whether or not to accept an application that would potentially see two shoe-shine booths created. 

Steve Beeken, from Thinking Outside the Box, a charitable trust from Brighton, is behind the proposal. 

And shoe-shine booths are not the only idea the organisation has had for the telephone kiosks in question. The others are a mini gift shop, coffee place or ice cream bar. 

Part of the money raised in the kiosks would go to good causes in the city. 

Under the plans, the phones inside the boxes would be taken out. New vandal-proof glazing would be installed and maintenance would refurbish the boxes on a two yearly basis. 

"The concept of a public telephone box is now outdated as the majority of people own a mobile phone. The proposed new use maintains their iconic appearance but reinvents their use to suit the 21st century," Thinking Outside the Box has said in a statement that was part of their application, and has been quoted by the Edinburgh Evening News. 

The Royal Mile spans the space between Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle in the Scottish capital. Lined with shops, eateries and more, it's a popular tourist destination in the city, which is also famed for attractions like Edinburgh Zoo and the National Museum of Scotland.