Stains ‘put-off home buyers’

March 20th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

A massive 70 per cent of would-be home-buyers would be put off by stains on the property's ceilings and walls and damp patches, recent research suggests. 

This issue came at number one in a Home Insurance chart of the top 20 turn-offs for property buyers. 

Meanwhile, it seems that smelly properties are also off-putting, with 56 per cent saying smells like pet odours, damp and cigarette smoke are a turn-off when it comes to property, putting this at number four. (The fifth placed issue, lack of parking, also got some 56 per cent of votes). 

Other issues with a link to cleaning that came up include the fact that 37 per cent said a dirty home would put them off.

Some 16 per cent would have a problem with the home being generally untidy. Clutter was a problem for 15 per cent, meanwhile. 

After stains and damp, the next most widely agreed-on off-putting feature was the home being in a bad state of repair (63 per cent), while lack of garden was in third place with 57 per cent of the vote. 

Some 54 per cent claimed to be put-off by bad natural light inside, and the same proportion by incomplete building work. 

Also on the list were small kitchens (44 per cent), poor DIY (43 per cent), exterior walls featuring stone cladding, pebble dash or render (31 per cent), and an out of date bathroom (25 per cent) or kitchen (25 per cent).

There were people who didn't like textured or artex ceilings (18 per cent), plastic windows (18 per cent), a garden that's overgrown (16 per cent), and overblown or dated decor (14 per cent). 

Purchasing a home is among the largest financial commitments a lot of people make, and the majority of would-be buyers want the place they're buying to have been looked after, according to's Ben Wilson.

“Overgrown gardens, grubby, cluttered rooms can be tell-tale signs that the property has been unloved and essential maintenance and repairs have been ignored," he added. 

"For example, stained walls and ceilings or rooms with a mildew smell could warning signs of a possible damp problem which might be costly to remedy – or they might simply be a result of blocked gutters or downpipes which are quick, easy and inexpensive to clear."

He said that among the least costly and easiest methods for helping to ensure a sale goes well is to ensure that a home "is clean, fresh smelling and tidy," prior to putting it up for sale.