Graffiti problem hits school reunion

March 20th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

Graffiti can be a problem in schools – but normally because of naughty pupils, rather than grown-ups who are visiting. 

The soon-to-be-demolished Orwell High School in Suffolk was the scene of an outbreak of graffiti this week, at a school reunion event. It seems some one-time pupils were marking walls and smoking on the premises.

Felixstowe Academy, which ran the event, has posted a statement saying that unfortunately the occasion –  designed for ex-staff and pupils of Felixstowe County Modern, Orwell High School and Felixstowe Middle School – needed to be ended early as a result of health and safety concerns after fire alarms were activated. 

"Sadly a very small minority of adult visitors took it upon themselves to smoke within the building and write graffiti on the walls, causing vandalism to an operating school," it noted. 

The Academy is very grateful and proud of pupils and staff who gave their time in support of the event, and to those who volunteered to remain behind and clean up vandalism to make sure the Academy could open as normal the next day, it says. 

The old Orwell High School site is set to become playing fields for Felixstowe Academy. 

According to the BBC, BBC Radio Suffolk's Jaimielee Rendall, a former pupil of Orwell High School, has said the majority of the event's attendees behaved well, though some of them had been drinking since the middle of the afternoon. 

She reported that she had heard a variety of stories saying people had been drunk and unaware of their actions at the event.

"A few of the walls had graffiti on them, which is a shame because children now have to go to school this morning with their school emblazoned with graffiti," she said, according to the BBC. 

Though not normally the result of adult action, graffiti can be an issue in schools when children behave badly and add unwanted marks to school property. 

When done using pencil, it might be relatively easy to clear the mess up, but pupils can sometimes put harder to clean markings onto surfaces. 

Along with the likes of cleaning windows and getting rid of chewing gum litter, graffiti-busting is one thing that a contract cleaning service can help to tackle.