Are you afraid of your bathroom?

March 20th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

Cleaners at a primary school in Hull may never have to worry about cleaning the pupils’ bathrooms again after a teacher showed a class a clip that has made them terrified of restrooms, according to the Hull Daily Mail.

What puts you off using a public bathroom? The unpleasant smell, the high amount of traffic or the fear that somebody by opened the stall door? Well, for children at Eastfield Primary School it is the threat of a knife wielding maniac.

Students, aged as young as nine, were played an audio clip from the infamous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho – made in 1960. The children listened to the discordant music, Janet Leigh’s screams and the sound her body made when it dropped to the floor.

The teacher wanted to demonstrate how music can sometimes be used to create a mood, and it appears the lesson was far more successful than he imagined it would be.

However, one parent was not amused as her son is now too afraid to go into the bathroom or take a shower, unless he is armed with his plastic sword.

She told the newspaper: “He is always asking an adult to guard the door while he does whatever he has to do in the bathroom.

“The music to the murder scene is scary and Jason has said the children heard the woman screaming and the body falling in the shower. It’s horrific.”

Katie Beal, headteacher at the school, has issued an apology on behalf of the school and has said that she will be looking into the type of music played during lessons in the future.

One can’t help but think that the cleaners at Eastfield Primary School will have a much easier job tidying up the students’ bathrooms if nobody is using them. 

They probably come across some terrifying messes during the course of cleaning the restrooms. Graffiti, unflushed loos and clumps of toilet paper stuck to the ceiling are just a few of the horrors inflicted on school cleaners.