Meet the newest robot cleaner on the block

March 19th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

There is already a host of robotic cleaners available in the market at the moment, each varying in price and performance. But, could Neato have created the automated vacuum that could rule them all?

The company – which claims its cleaning wizardry is head and shoulders above its competition – will introduce its newest creation, the “BotVac, to the market next month. The creators claim that it comes with various improvements compared to previous generations of robotic vacuums.

This model is equipped with with laser beams, not to destroy Earth, but to map a room and figure out the most efficient path for cleaning. Which is something we humans don’t consider when cleaning the floor.

Its pretty smart too as it can automatically return to its charging station when its low on juice and once its done it will go back to the exact spot it finished on, without any assistance from us. Its pretty efficient as well, as Neato claims that the unit is able to maximise its battery life by not cleaning the same area twice – something I’m probably not capable of once distracted!

BotVac moves in lines, backwards and forwards, which leaves perfectly straight marks in the carpet, who doesn’t love those? 

With more navigation skills than the second mate on a ship, what more could you want from a robotic vacuum? Well, Neato added in a few more tricks just in case you weren’t impressed with its directional prowess.

The gadget is “a pretty great vacuum”, according to its creators. It is equipped with the biggest rotating brush compared to any of its market competitors and it can get up close and personal with walls, allowing it to clean less than half and inch away.

Do you dread emptying the vacuum? No problem! Neato has incorporated a bigger than average dirt bin into the unit so it doesn’t need to be emptied as often.

Once it hits the market, the BotVac will be sold for $480 (£289), which Neato thinks is comparable to the best manual vacuums currently on sale.

If you already have a Roomba you can get the BotVac and race them.