Mayor suggests using intentional graffiti to tackle toilet vandalism

March 19th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

Graffiti is a common problem in certain public toilets – one that can be  unsightly and make the spaces much less pleasant to use. 

Depending on the nature of the graffiti, it can even be threatening and offensive. 

Action like cleaning techniques can usually beat graffiti, at least in the short term. Sometimes a fresh lick of paint can also help, covering up the markings that have been made. But in areas where graffiti is a common problem, it can be tricky to stay ahead of the vandals. 

One Mirfield councillor has given an unusual suggestion for tackling graffiti in local public toilets. 

According to local news provider the Mirfield Reporter, Vivien Lees Hamilton, mayor of Mirfield, has said at a recent council meeting that she's been in discussions with community groups on potentially making a 'graffiti mural', similar to one that is already in place under a local railway bridge. 

"While it is only an initial enquiry, I think this could be a fantastic idea for the toilets," she explained, according to the news provider. 

With deliberate graffiti in place on toilet walls people might be deterred from putting their own marks there, she suggested. 

The mayor's words came in response to John Nottingham, a Conservative councilor, complaining about public toilet graffiti. 

He said that in his view it's a travesty that those using local toilets see this sort of marking on their walls. 

One place where graffiti can also become a problem is in schools, where the likes of walls can become home to unwanted markings made by pupils. 

Contract cleaners can do things like tackle graffiti, remove pesky chewing gum mess and more in schools, as part of its range of specialist services.