Kelly Osbourne posts ‘toilet etiquette’ complaint

March 19th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Kelly Osbourne, celeb daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, has posted an impassioned blog post on the topic of what she called 'public toilet etiquette'. 

In a colourful piece over on her official website, the star suggests she thinks women lack etiquette when it comes to public loos. 

The star, who featured on reality show The Osbournes and co-hosts the series Fashion Police, goes on to claim that she now uses men's bathrooms saying that these are cleaner. 

The news might come as a shock to those women who are under the impression that women's toilets tend to be cleaner than men's, something of a received wisdom among some ladies. 

Kelly writes: "LADIES […] We should be ashamed of ourselves!!!"

She tells women who urinate on the toilet seat that they should wipe this away in no uncertain terms, while calling on those who need to to dispose of female sanitary products in an appropriate fashion. 

Besides calling on her fellow ladies' room users to wash their hands, Ms Osbourne has also reminded them to flush after they've been. 

"We are ladies not cave men. Quite frankly I am so over wiping other peoples [urine] off toilet seats," Kelly explains. 

To anyone wondering why she might wipe in this way, she explains that the last thing she needs "is a dirty rumor being spread about me [urinating] on toilet seats all over Hollyweird" as the result of someone lazy not cleaning up after themselves. 

Kelly also suggests before the end of the post that she thinks women's toilets have become "worse and worse". 

It seems the Fashion Police presenter has turned bathroom policewoman and, given her fame, Kelly's complaint has made headlines, and is likely to spark debate.

In a blog more often devoted to fashion, it has to make one wonder exactly how often Kelly has come across poor bathroom conditions, and exactly how bad they have been, in order to prompt her to turn to her website as an outlet.