Mums ‘using cleaning shortcuts’

March 18th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

A new chart has listed the top 20 'shortcuts' used by mums – including several cleaning related 'cheats'.

Bohen research surveyed 2,000 mums and discovered, among other things, that some 80 per cent have a tough time keeping up with household jobs.

The research also resulted in a top 20 list of 'shortcuts', which saw the number one spot go to freezing food so it can be eaten later on.

Mums also do things like delegate chores to other people in the family (number seven), use a 'three second rule' if food gets dropped on the floor of their kitchen (nine), and clean their children's faces with baby wipes rather than giving their face a wash sometimes (ten).

Also featured on the list, at 13, was the shortcut of using dry shampoo or talc on greasy hair rather than washing it. Spraying deodorant into shoes that smell – rather than shelling out for a new pair – came in 14th place.

And, intriguingly, it was found some mums spray some furniture polish before they have people over, giving the impression they've been cleaning recently! This trick made it to 15th place.

It was discovered that most mums thought that, in terms of sharing workload, their other half could do more. Meanwhile, 93 per cent felt they were busy, and close to half had a frantic daily life.

A third were regular time-saving-tip swappers, and on average mums use five shortcuts every day.

“Home-hacking – coming up with inventive ways around the home to cut down on the amount and variety of work that needs accomplishing – is a new trend which is emerging in the world of the frazzled mum," claimed Donna Dawson, a psychologist.

“With mums proving desperate to accomplish everything that needs to be done over the hours of the day and still have time for that cup of tea, it means that shortcuts need to be found."

A tenth of the sample felt they would not be able to cope without using time-cutting techniques.