Member’s only public bathroom to open in New York

March 18th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

Fast cars, fine jewellery and fancy restaurants may all spring to mind when you think of luxury. Being able to gain entry into exclusive circles is also a perk of living a lavish lifestyle, the rich would think nothing of spending thousands to join a members only clique.

So, the rich and famous may be interested to learn that New York will soon be home to the latest swanky establishment: Posh Stow and Go, a members only toilet club.

Yes, that’s right, the elite can now pay a premium to gain access to soundproof, private lavatories that are frequently cleaned and are home to touch free apps and phone-charging stations.

Posh Stow and Go plans to open “clean and safe” toilets – complete with showers and baby-changing stations – near Grand Central and Penn train stations by the summer, according to the company founder Wayne Parks.

As well as the soundproofed toilets, these exclusive bathrooms will offer storage lockers for large packages that are too big to carry around all day.

What if you spill something down your shirt as the day is starting? No problem, Posh Stow and Go will house washing machines to freshen you up.  

There will even be space to sit down and relax in between shopping on 5th Avenue and visiting some of New York’s best sightseeing attractions.

Mr Parks said: "I'm a germaphobe and I don't like dirty bathrooms, but these are great because they are cleaned after every use. Posh Stow and Go will also be a resting place for visitors who don't have homes or offices in Manhattan. And it's a place to drop something off if you're in a jam."

The luxurious bathrooms will house lounge areas with wooden floors and sofas and there will be phone-charging stations for those desperate to top up the battery on their smartphone. All the stalls will be fitted with motion-sensored flushers and taps so the manicured hands of members never have to touch the toilet.

Posh Stow and Go is now seeking a limited number of members to sign up to use the facilities. Passes will cost $24 (£14) for three days or $8 per day, plus a $15 annual sign up fee. Anybody planning for the long-term can sign up for ten days at a cost of $60 , which works out as $2,190 for the year!