Lloyds provides ‘bathroom etiquette’ poster for staff

March 18th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

A Lloyds Bank poster on 'UK Bathroom Etiquette' has been displayed in the organisation's London Old Street office, and other offices, the MailOnline reports.

It seems the poster provides instructions for staff from other parts of the world about British toilet use.

The news provider has included an image of the poster, which tells readers to "Please sit on the toilet and do not stand on it".

Above this instruction a stick figure is shown squatting with his feet on the seat, next to a large, red X.

The poster also advises people that used toilet tissue should be flushed down the loo, rather than binned, and that they should use a hand – not a foot – for flushing.

Elsewhere, it instructs readers not to throw plastic cups away in the lavatory, but rather to use a bin.

The news provider says the instructions are for the benefit of workers from different parts of the globe who have different toilet rountines.

"We take the health and safety of our colleagues very seriously," a Lloyds Bank spokesperson is quoted as saying.

Other parts of the poster include the instruction to "Please use your hand to open the door and don't leave toilet roll on the door handle".

Workers are told that sinks should only be used to wash hands – with the inclusion of the image of a stick figure washing a foot in the sink.

In some places globally, toilet roll needs to be binned, rather than flushed.

Meanwhile, in Japan, there are a larger number of electric toilets, which are designed to help the user clean-up after they've been.

Sometimes found in hotels or restaurants, as well as in homes, these include a spray feature to help wash the user.

TalkTalk mobile recently released an infographic about phone etiquette, based on research among Brits, which included the suggestion that people should not use their phone while on the toilet. This is "Just wrong!", according to the graphic.