Toilet roll could soon be resigned to a museum

March 10th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

What do you look for in the perfect toilet? A comfortable seat or a loo that doesn’t get blocked? A plumbing products manufacturer has created a porcelain throne that will meet and exceed your expectations of the perfect potty.

Designers at TOTO have developed a toilet that comes equipped with a heated seat, a massage function and two ‘sanitising nozzles’ that, according to the creators, eradicates the need for toilet paper.

The team behind the Neorest 750H have made the loo as welcoming as possible, going as far as making the seat open automatically as you approach and closing as you walk away. 

Comfort was also a big motivator for the designers – who worked out that by being 17 inches off the floor the toilet could provide maximum contentment.

TOTO’s newest creation also attempts to be environmentally friendly, as its nozzles eliminate the need for toilet roll. The stainless-steel spray attachments provide an ultimate personal cleansing experience, with a built in dryer for your delicate areas.

By using a remote control, users of the loo can adjust the water pressure and temperature, as well as setting the temperature of the seat.

Hate cleaning the loo? Well, you’re in luck as the Neorest 750H cleans itself. The spray nozzles can cleanse themselves and the lid has a built-in UV light that reacts with a coating on the lavatory to clean it while it’s idle.

According to TOTO, the toilet is perfect for any household and even if your home suffers from low water pressure the loo can flush thoroughly using less water.

Try to imagine the Neorest 750H experience: as you walk towards it the lid lifts, it then washes, dries and massages you, before closing the lid upon your departure.

However, before attempting to find your nearest supplier, be warned that this luxury lavatory comes with a hefty price tag, setting you back $10,000 (£6,002). 

For the same amount of money you could update your kitchen, breath life into your garden or buy a new car. With that in mind, investing in a luxury toilet may not be a good idea.