And for my next trick I will make these smells disappear

March 4th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments

Have you ever opened your gym bag or child’s PE kit and had to immediately control your gag reflex because of the smell that escapes? Japanese scientists have obviously experienced this as they have developed a hand towel that can make odours “simply disappear”.

The creators of this wizardry are focusing their efforts on gym users and yoga practitioners, but there is no reason why the towels couldn’t be given to children to use during PE lessons.

According to the manufacturer, the cotton threads that make up the composition of the towels are capable of neutralising any foul-smelling chemicals at a molecular level.

The material is made from a bronze-infused fibre called Breeze Bronze, which means the towel is able to use ionisation technology to banish 99 per cent of the ammonia odours that are commonly found in sweat. 

Manufacturers of the fibre claim that standard cotton-based deodorisers are inferior as they are only able to absorb unpleasant miasmas or mask them with perfumes, rather than effectively neutralising them. 

Creators of the towel are keeping the full make-up of the material a secret, meaning the exact composition will forever be shrouded in mystery.

The hand towel has also been created with the environment in mind as the soft cotton fibres are completely biodegradable, meaning that if it is thrown away it will not cause any damage to the surrounding area. 

Originally, Breeze Bronze products were designed for use in the healthcare sector, but the towels – which are slightly larger than an average hand towel and are available in a selection of colours – are said to be perfect for use in the gym.

Meanwhile, the bronze-infused material has also been used to create deodorising T-shirts, socks and underwear for the Japanese military crews of submarines and Antarctic exploration ships.

If the developers behind Bronze Breeze and Aamir Patel – the guy behind the stain repelling shirts – get together they could create material that never needs to be cleaned. We could soon live in a world without laundry days!