Why have a dog and do it yourself?

February 28th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

Imagine sitting down after a long day at work and asking the family pooch to bring you the remote control and a pile of clean washing, rather than a pipe and slippers. That’s exactly what Kathryn Hoffman trained her dog to do.

Mrs Hoffman’s decision to train her pet Fergus to do more than bring the paper came when she realised her elderly mother needed help around the house. 

According to the Daily Mail, she realised the pooch could lend a paw when the inquisitive animal kept putting his head inside the washing machine and becoming curious about other household appliances.

Mrs Hoffman told the newspaper: “My mum is elderly and I thought actually he could, say she was staying here and I'd gone to work he could do things for her.

“She's almost 95 so some things are a bit difficult so I thought it would be a real help if he could do things like empty the washing machine.”

Now her 94 year old mother, Elise Talbot, doesn’t need to stoop low to pull clean laundry out of the washing machine or dryer as Fergus does it for her. Maybe one day he’ll be able to iron, fold and put away the clothes!

The family pet isn’t a one trick pony either. He can fetch the remote control if it is out of reach and is on hand to make sure Mrs Talbot never forget her keys. All she has to do is call him and he will come running to her aid.

What’s more amazing is that Mrs Hoffman isn’t an expert dog trainer by trade but she still managed to instill in Fergus behaviours that help her mother get on with daily life. 

She gently coaxed the pet by using chicken flavoured treats as rewards, starting with simple tasks like pulling socks from a bowl and putting them in a laundry basket.

You never know, she could one day train him to make dinner and wash up afterwards! Mrs Hoffman could train a whole pack of dogs to give the robot cleaning industry a run for its money, as you'd get a cleaner and a lovable pet all in one.