Former mayor turns streetsweeper in Winchester

February 28th, 2014 Category: Building Management

A former mayor and her friend have decided to sweep the streets of Winchester themselves, after noticing that some areas were not quite up to their standards. 

Sue Nelmes, who was once mayor in the area, was passing through Kings Walk in Winchester when she noticed it had been looking slightly downtrodden. 

She subsequently reported the issue to council officials, however they have not yet been able to add the area to their cleaning rota.

After a bit of thinking, practical Ms Nelmes decided to just get out there and sweep the street herself, the Hampshire Chronicle reports. 

She told the publication: “I don’t blame the officers I have been dealing with because they have to work to systems.

“But what I do worry about is that this is a number of people’s livelihoods and it’s really filthy so I thought that I would do my bit to help them. I can sweep it so I will.”

She added that the issue stems from the fact that the area is going to be redeveloped as part of Silver Hill. However, it does have to “exist profitably” until then, she noted. 

Annie Smith, who works in the antiques market, agreed with her friend.

She said: “Can you imagine in the summer with visitors coming through and seeing this?”

One potential solution to this issue could be in the guise of some new technology from Japan.

Researchers have created the world’s first cyber cockroaches, that are intended to be used to clean up cities. 

Scientists have developed a new battery that is able to transform the naturally-occurring sugar in the insect’s bodies into energy by simply mounting it on its back. 

Researchers believe this will eventually lead to the creation of a wireless sensor network of cyber bugs, that will be able to clean up cities and potentially go into areas too dangerous for human beings to venture.