The robots are coming…to clean your house!

February 27th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

Unfortunately, cleaning is an unavoidable fact of life. If you decide not to clean something today, it will still be waiting for you tomorrow, and the job will have probably gotten worse. However, there are tonnes of gadgets on the market that can make cleaning the house a breeze.

It seems like every day there is a new cleaning robot designed to undertake tasks we humans despise. Here are just a few machines that love to do the jobs you hate.


Vacuuming can be a long and laborious task depending on the kind of home you live in. 

Houses mean stairs. Trying to carry a heavy lump of plastic and metal up a flight of stairs can feel more like a workout than a clean up. 

You can also find yourself fighting with the power cord as you try and make it reach another few centimetres when the plug suddenly pops out, meaning you have to go all the way back downstairs to sort it out.

Apartments can be just as bad, especially if they are small and your vacuum isn’t. Trying to force the machine under pieces of furniture or between cupboards and a wall can be the stuff of nightmares.

A robot could be the answer to your prayers! Machines such as iRoombas can clean rooms in minutes and are able to squeeze under and in between furniture so all the dust and dirt is swept away.

Developers are constantly making improvements to existing models, which means one day you may not have to exert the energy turning the machine on requires as it will decide when the floor needs to be vacuumed.


Mopping is not only dull, but it comes with a myriad of problems. You could begin cleaning the floor and then realise your mop has stopped soaking up water so your kitchen now resembles a paddling pool.

You could be half way through your task and then accidentally knock over the bucket flooding the floor, meaning you have to start all over again.

Or worse still, you finish and stand admiring your hard work when your pet, child or significant other walks all over your clean floor with muddy feet.

It just doesn’t bear thinking about!

There is a solution: a robot that can mop the floor. You could invest in a small machine that zips around, mopping as it goes.

Scooba robots and other similar devices provide ease of use, as all they require you to do is fill them with water and floor cleaner before switching them on.

Then you can sit back and relax while the little robot does all the hardwork for you.

Window cleaning

It’s easy to clean the outside of your windows, you simply hire a professional and watch them do the drudgery. However, the same can’t be said for the inside of the house.

This chore usually involves buying the right cleaner and using the right cloth or living with smudges

Once you’re physically, and mentally, prepared you then have to climb on top of kitchen counters or ladders and scrub away. On top of this, you could end up covered in water.

It’s no wonder that many people opt not to do it!

If you chose to invest in a Winbot you would never have to clean your windows again. This nifty little machine is able to stick to the glass and make its way to the top whilst the in-built cloths get to work.