The app that maps toilets

February 14th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a town centre desperately needing ‘to go’ and oblivious as to where the nearest toilet is? Well, thanks to a collaboration between the British Cleaning Council and the British Toilet Association (BTA) there will soon be an app for that.

Any fans of Seinfeld may recall George Costanza’s ability to be able to find the best toilet wherever he goes, you too could soon possess this power.

The masterminds behind the UK Toilet Map believe the app is a response to the ever changing demographic of public toilet provision, meaning that they close down and open up often. 

It will be completely interactive and be updated constantly, cutting out the risk of rushing to the nearest loo when you can’t hold it in any longer only to arrive and find that the toilet has been closed for good.

As the UK Toilet Map was originally created in partnership with Mencap and the Changing Places Consortium, the app can do more than just direct you to the nearest bog-standard loo, it can also cater to those who require facilities for disabled people. The map will hold information on toilets suitable for those with complex and multiple learning difficulties and their carers.

The app makes selecting the right toilet almost like choosing the most appealing profile on a dating website as each toilet comes with its own information sheet, detailing all the facilities it includes, as well as its location and the opening times.

Raymond Martin, director of the BTA, said: “There are currently just under 600 specialised units around the country. The UK Toilet Map will not just identify the sites, but also hopefully identify where new facilities are needed.”

For the super organised, the UK Toilet Map even allows you to plan a journey around toilets, as it comes with an in-built planner to locate and bookmark loos on any selected route.

What’s more, if you share George Costanza’s love of toilets you could travel the country and visit every single one and create precious loo related memories that you will treasure forever.