Watch out for Russia’s peculiar bathroom etiquette

February 7th, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

If you are heading to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics don’t forget your travelling dos and don’ts: you must remember your passport, you must adhere to Russia’s rules of etiquette and under no circumstances must you go fishing in the toilet.

That last tip may sound a little bizarre – unless of course your hobbies include toilet fishing – but this is just one of the many things Russia prohibits in its public bathrooms, according to snowboarder Sebastien Toutant. 

The Canadian recently arrived in Russia ahead of the sporting tournament and while exploring his hotel he discovered a peculiar chart displaying the rules of use for Sochi bathrooms.

While the list of dos and don’ts includes a few sensible tips, such as not standing up, being sick or squatting above the toilet, it also covers things that you wouldn’t normally associate with a normal trip to a bathroom.

In one image, a stick man, complete with rod, can be clearly seen fishing in the toilet bowl. Whether angling in the bathroom is a common occurrence in Russia or not is unclear, but the Olympians are unlikely to take the required equipment to the bathroom.

It is also equally unlikely that the creators of the $51 billion (£30 billion) games would have built toilets over frozen fishing lakes to give the athletes something else to do when they visit the bathroom.

Sochi appears to be taking drug use very seriously as as another bathroom warning sees a stick man sitting legs akimbo with what appears to be a needle in his hand, or a can of paint, it’s not exactly clear.

This is not the first toilet-related story to come out of Russia. Pictures of twin toilets sitting side by side in a single cubicle have been making their way around the internet. Is it another bathroom quirk only Russians understand, or is Sochi trying to make the experience of using the loo more social?

The 2014 games are expected to be the most expensive Winter Olympics ever, taking place from February 7th to 23rd.