Now asthma sufferers have no excuse not to clean the bathroom

January 30th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

Cleaning products made up of strong chemicals can cause people with asthma to suffer attacks when trying to make their homes or offices spotless. A company in Christchurch is hoping to change that with their range of products designed specifically for those with the condition.

The Solent Group, based at Queens Avenue in Christchurch, launched their Breathease range in Tesco last August and the company is currently in discussions with other retailers, after what it refers to as a promising start.

Breathease is the first brand to create an array of cleaning products that has Allergy Standards accreditation. During tests and analysis, the company claims 96 per cent of participants said that household cleaners triggered their asthma or allergies.

The firm also says that even people who don’t have allergies find the products preferable to their usual brands.

Furthermore, Breathease believes its Allergy Standards accreditation and its support from Asthma UK could mean that other firms struggle to market any imitations of its product.

David Hiles, head of health promotion at Asthma UK, said: “Asthma UK is proud to be working in partnership with this new cleaning range designed with people with asthma and allergies in mind.

“Cleaning products are a common trigger for asthma symptoms and with more than 200 people being admitted to hospital every day with asthma attacks, we’re doing all we can to help people reduce their risk of an attack."

According to the NHS, there are currently 5.4 million people with asthma and 21 million with allergies living in the UK. It also states that two hundred people are admitted to hospital every day because of asthma attacks. 

Given that there are no other brands targeting this specific market, Breathease could go far.

The Solent Group invests, trades and supplies in five categories: health, beauty and household; reusable bags and packaging; stationery; outdoor leisure; and promotional incentives.

It supplies many of the UK’s leading retailers through its integrated supply chain and the company aims to develop and produce more innovative products.