How would you like to clean a different kind of throne?

January 28th, 2014 Category: Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

Are you a professional cleaner looking for an exciting new job? Do you consider yourself to be “proactive” and “enthusiastic”? Well, if you tick all the boxes, there could be a job waiting for you at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen is in dire need of a replacement household assistant responsible for cleaning her precious and priceless antiques. The right candidate would also be in charge of plumping her cushions and running her bath.

This exciting opportunity is currently being advertised on the British monarchy’s official website. 

The advert states that it is searching for a new member of ‘H Branch’ of the Royal Household, and it is looking for someone “specifically responsible for the care of guests and maintaining the cleanliness, presentation, and general upkeep of all accommodation”.

Prospective candidates shouldn’t start eyeing up the spare rooms in the palace, as the basic salary of £276.92 per week won’t allow them to buy into the royal lifestyle.

The advertisement specifies that responsibilities attached to the role will include  “personal maiding/valeting duties for guests as required”.

These tasks include “packing and unpacking, pressing and preparing clothes, arranging dry cleaning, care of jewellery, running baths, assisting with dressing if required, and arranging the service of tea and breakfast trays”.

The Queen appears to be very particular when it comes to her cleaners, as the advert states that a good disposition is a prerequisite and the successful applicant must, naturally, be able to maintain confidentiality. Paul Burrell need not apply.

According to the advert, she also demands that her staff have the ability to “use initiative”. All applicants must have a “pro-active attitude” before applying for the £14,400-a-year role.
In response to the advert, Gordon Raynor of The Telegraph wrote: “Ominously, the servant must also be prepared to clean "internal glass", though the advert does not mention that the Palace has 760 windows. 

“Nor does it mention whether changing light bulbs will be part of the job; the palace has 40,000 of them.”

If you would like to see if the Queen changes her own loo roll then apply today!