Toilet for sale, just one infamous owner

January 23rd, 2014 Category: Office Cleaning

Are you a collector of strange artefacts? Or maybe you’d like to own a slice of the past. Well, you’re in luck as the owner of Adolf Hitler’s personal toilet is desperate to sell this piece of porcelain history.

The infamous Nazi leader’s loo was discovered last year in full working order and installed in a car repair garage in New Jersey, according to The Daily Mail. 

It was originally fitted to the Aviso Grille – the official yacht of the German State – in a room next to Hitler’s lavish throne room.

The yacht, built in 1935, was the largest in existence – unsurprising considering who it belonged to – and was used on a regular basis by the Nazi leader.

Workers at Greg’s Auto Repair in Florence, Burlington County still use the toilet everyday. This alone is incredible as the toilet is now approaching 80-years-old.

The one-of-a-kind porcelain throne was found by its previous own in a scrapyard in 1951 – though nobody knows how it actually made its way there.

Greg Kohfeldt, the current owner, told the newspaper: “I was invited on TV to sell it on a show dedicated to rare and unusual antiques but one of the experts called me evil for trying to sell it.”

The episode in question was never broadcast, which caused Mr Kohfeldt to be a little annoyed as he had to disconnect it to take it to the show.

He added: “The toilet is getting a bit long in the tooth now. It still works well, the Germans knew how to build things back then.”

Germans are renowned for their automotive engineering skills and now they can added toilet manufacturing to their list of accolades.

According to Mr Kohfeldt, there are pieces of the yacht all over Florence. The man who built the garage took the toilet from the scrapyard and installed it in the little wood panel bathroom. 

He’s keen to sell the lavatory, as a desk belonging to Hitler recently sold for £250,000.

“Imagine having it in your house, it would definitely be a conversation starter. How many people can say they have Hitler's toilet?”, he asked.

The question really is, how many people would want to have his toilet?