Who needs a doctor when your toilet can tell you if you’re sick?

December 30th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The modern toilet looks pretty much like it did when it was invented back in the 19th century. A few bells and whistles may have been added since then but the shape has remained the same – that is until now.

On this year’s World Toilet Day (November 19th), created to draw attention to the lack of sanitation in the developing world, a trio of design graduates decided to flush away the old concept for the lavatory and create something new. They invented the Wellbeing Toilet.

Sam Sheard, Pierre Papet, and Victor Johansson, from London’s Central St. Martin’s University, reimagined the standard toilet for a competition launched by Dyno-Rod Drains, a UK plumbing company.

This loo is unlike any toilet you’ve ever had the pleasure of using.The designers claim that the shape of this porcelain throne puts the user in the most ergonomically correct position for relieving themselves.

The Wellbeing Toilet has been designed to be used at an angle that is somewhere between sitting and squatting, which is believed to reduce colon and bowel problems.

According to the designers, today’s toilets could be detrimental to health as they force people to sit completely upright, at 90-degree angle.

Mr Sheard, one of the designers, said: “The angle increases the risk of colon diseases and bowel-related illnesses.

"Ideally you should squat but there are negative social connotations because we're used to sitting down on a toilet."

The Wellbeing Toilet has been built with the aim of improving a user’s posture while they are perched on the loo. It can also analyse urine to test for pregnancies, among other things.

Mr Sheard added: "It's what you'd get if you go to the doctor and they check for diabetes, kidney disease or phosphates in the urine.”

The designers believe that their toilet can have a positive impact on society as the industries that are connected to pregnancy tests have huge financial and environmental costs.

This super toilet is still just a concept, but the design team believe that the technology is completely viable.