A new way to make sure your appliances never go lonely

December 27th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

If you are reluctant to leave the kitchen when you’re on your way out for work because you think the washing machine or fridge freezer will miss you while you’re gone, then LG may have just invented the perfect technology for you and your appliances: HomeChat.

This new technology will allow users to send text messages to their appliances, reassuring them that you still love them even though you’ve left them at home while you’re out enjoying yourself!

Well, actually HomeChat isn’t for messages of undying love and devotion. It allows you to send simple messages to your appliances in order for them to carry out certain commands and functions.

The technology relies on you having “smart devices”, which are appliances that are able to respond to the messages. The texts can be sent from a plethora of mobile phones, tablets and computers – meaning you can message the vacuum while you’re on the bus or when you’re sat at your desk.

These smart devices will be pre-programmed with responses to your messages. For example, if you were to send an appliance a text saying “I am going on holiday” the machine won’t ask to come with you, but rather reply asking “should I convert to holiday mode?”

If you send an affirmative answer then the appliance will switch to this mode, so the fridge could switch on its power saving function, the vacuum could turn itself on at a particular time each day and the washing machine could run a cycle on the day before you come back. So when you walk in the door you can put your feet up as all your chores will be done!

Initially, the smart devices will be able to respond to the text messages in simple English or Korean, but LG hopes to eventually introduce additional features.

Smart fridges will let family members send photos from their phones directly to the machine’s display. On top of that, people will be able to check what’s inside the fridge without actually having to open the door.

The LG smart oven will be able to tell you what’s for dinner! It will be able to recommend recipes via an app and then it will auto-select the right settings for the oven.

LG is showing the world that the house of the future is just around the corner.